11 Unique Beaches in South Korea

Unique Beaches in South Korea
From white sand and clear blue waters in the east to the long mud flat fun of the west and then the sprawling beaches of the south, not to mention Jeju’s beautiful white sand, black sand and rocky beaches too, there is a beach for you in Korea.

1. Haeundae Beach

Haeundae Beach
Haeundae is Busan’s party beach. Bars and clubs line its streets, as do backpacker hostels and Western food joints. Haeundae is popular with Koreans and foreigners alike, and its sands are often the site of art or music events. On a clear day, you can spot Japan’s coast from Dalmaji Hill, and at night, the sea reflects the skyscrapers of Marine City. When you’ve had enough sun, head to Haeundae Market for fresh seafood or explore Busan’s popular Sealife Centre.

2. Jungmun Beach

Jungmun Beach
Jungmun Beach is the southernmost beach of Korea, located at Jeju Island. This 560 meters long beach is a very popular destination for travellers and locals alike. Water sports like windsurfing or jet skiing can be done here, and water of the beach is warm enough for a dip from the start of summer till around August. The sand of this beach is of varying colours, such as black, red, brown and white. Jungmun Beach is surrounded by picturesque scenery all around, with cliffs and caves and rare plants of many kinds. A Beach Film Festival and a Summer festival held here during the summer season.

3. Seobin Beach

Seobin Beach
Tucked away from the Jeju coast, Udo known as Peanut Island is home to one of the most famous South Korea beaches named Seobin Beach. Hold a scoop of peanut ice-cream and relax at the bright white sand of the blissful Seobin Beach. Immerse in the beauty of the gin-clear water shimmering in its own beauty with turquoise color. This is a beautiful natural attraction and is the only coral best beaches in South Korea.

4. Naksan Beach

Naksan Beach
With a sandy beach stretching over 1,810 meters, Naksan Beach is one of the top beaches in Gangwon-do, drawing in countless visitors each year. The beach runs along clean waters, bordered by rows of pine trees. In addition to its natural beauty, Naksan Beach also has a variety of water activities such as riding on a banana boat or Jet Ski for those looking for more adventure.

5. Daecheon Beach

Daecheon Beach
Daecheon is the largest beach on the West Coast, where the water is calm and shallow. The sand in Daecheon is particularly soft and easy to clean because of the corrosion-resistant shell.

6. Eurwangni Beach

Eurwangni Beach
It may only be minutes from the ultra-busy Incheon Airport, but Eurwangni is a beautiful crescent with shallow water perfect for paddling. When the tide washes out, clams, crabs and trumpet shells appear from the mudflats; no surprise, then, that there are plenty of seafood shacks — ideal for preflight shellfish snarfing. It’s popular with Seoul day trippers, too, hoping to catch a spectacular sunset.

7. Jangho Beach

Jangho Beach
Known as the ‘Naples of Korea’, Jangho Beach in Samcheok, Gangwon Province is a must-visit spot if you would like to snorkel in Korea. The water is clear as crystal, allowing snorkelers to see beneath the water easily. You can also hop on a transparent canoe that allows you to see the underwater creatures from above the water. Clear your mind of stress and worries by spending a day in the see-through waters of Jangho Beach.

8. Surfyy Beach

Surfyy Beach
If you want to avoid the big summer crowds or need seaside chillaxing and have maybe a cocktail or two, ‘Surfyy Beach’ is your go-to beach. Hidden in Yangyang County’s Hajodae Beach, Surfyy Beach is a strip of private beach that offers a laid-back surfing vibe and new generation surf facility for hip surfing crowds. There are also separate zones for surfers and swimmers, which allow surfers to enjoy the waves without crashing into the beach crowds.

9. Kkotji Beach

Kkotji Beach
Kkotji Beach is said to be one of the best places to view the sunset in the country and tourists to Anmyeon-do would be remiss if they missed this coastal hotspot.

10. Tongyeong Beach

Tongyeong Beach
Those seeking some tranquility should head to Tongyeong, a seaside town situated on the southern coast of Korea. Here, evergreen trees and emerald seas are canopied by clear blue skies, creating a spectacular sight. Enchanting islands dot its shores, and they can be reached by ferry services that depart from the central terminal. Any island-hopping excursion should include a stop at Somaemul Island. Quiet and peaceful, the small island boasts hiking trails with varying difficulty levels, all offering incredibly magnificent views. Hungry? Tongyeong is home to countless restaurants that serve up local specialties including sea squirt bibimbap, grilled fish, and spicy hairtail stew – all served with sides of local produce and fresh seafood.

11. Jinha Beach

Jinha Beach
This secluded beach called Jinha beach is located in the southeast coast of Korea, two hundred and forty two kilometres from Ulsan. It is only one kilometre long, but the beach is almost a paradise on its own. The warm and shallow waters are perfect for swimming, and the surrounding pine trees only add to the enormous beauty of the place. Two nearby islands, Ideokdo Island and Myeongseungdo Island, offer a nice sunrise view along with fishing facilities.