Beautiful Balconies From Around The World

Beautiful Balconies
We often see gorgeous homes and interiors in the movies or in glossy magazines and admire the design that went into these architectural masterpieces. Thanks to the mass media, we have a general idea of what the dwellings of people in different corners of the world look like. But rarely do we realize that what we see on the screen can differ greatly from the reality.

1. Balconies in Spain

Balconies in Spain
Following no trends or traditions of world designs, Spain took to its own ingenuity. Here is a true example of the extraordinary standard of architectural genius that is inherent to the Spanish community. The balconies have colourful walls with interesting paintings on them. It is against these that some intricately designed rails have been put in place to complete the look of the balcony. It is fresh, youthful and inspiring.