15 Beautiful Places to Visit in Nagaland

Beautiful Places to Visit in Nagaland
Nagaland, one of the Seven Sister States, is located in the Northeast region of India. Though it is one of the smallest states in the country, its unique landscapes combined with a lively tribal culture make it a one of the best travel destinations on the India tourism circuit.

1. Kohima

Being the Capital of Nagaland, Kohima is one of the major business and economic centre of the state. Despite witnessing great development on commercial front the city has not lost its natural beauty. It still remains the most scenic place to visit in Nagaland.
This pristine town has developed to its best and still retains its traditional touch which is the best feature about it that makes it worth visiting. From Zoos to Museums the city has something in store for all kinds of travellers. Apart from all this stuff this dynamic city has much more to amuse to you. Be it the Hornbill festival or some other cultural affair, every event here is a rare delight.