10 Of The Best Beach Bars in the World

What’s better than a day at the beach? A day at the beach with a cocktail.

As the summer is now most definitely upon us, we at Mpora thought it was time to impart a little boozy wisdom.

If you are looking for some guidance for that perfect summer get away look no further. Behold, a top ten list of the best places to unwind.

Feed your poor starved immortal soul with an absolutely breathtaking view of the sea, on a beach, with friendly people selling food and booze.

10) Dinghy’s Beach Bar – Water Island, Virgin Islands

If you want silly fun in the sun then I would put Dinghy’s Beach Bar pretty high on your list.

There are mermaid suits to lounge on the beach in, the instagram possibilities alone making me research flights, with sparkling shores and breathtaking views; this place is relaxed and quirky and full of family fun.

Guys at the next table – Mermaids!

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