Best Beach Holidays your Favourite Actors went on

How can you make the most of your summer vacation? Big Actors go for the best beach holidays. They choose exotic locations with a lot of adventure and beautiful nature thrown in. For you, we decided to document their Holidays and vacations. Here are the photographs from the beautiful beaches and other tourist attractions your Favourite stars went to.


Katrina Kaif’s Beach Vacation In Maldives

Katrina Kaif's Beach Vacation In Maldives
Most of us know how scenic Maldives is. With clear water, beautiful villas and pristine beaches, it’s nothing short of a paradise for people who love water. Add the beautiful Katrina Kaif to the mix and some stunning pictures for her trip and you will get a mesmerizing view.



  1. Roopak Kapoor on

    Disha Patani on a Vacation with Tiger Shroff? That’s strange, why would someone go with someone on a vacation whom she doesn’t think of as a friend?

    Well, jokes apart, we all know they are in a relationship and they both look beautiful together. And I’ve heard Srilanka is a really beautiful place. Always wanted to go to Srilanka, Maldives and Andaman on a long holiday. Haven’t got a chance to go yet, but I surely will.

  2. Padmakar Mantha on

    what is going on is nobody’s guess. Beautiful beaches are there in India espesially at Goa.

    • Niti Shankar on

      Haha, a lot is going on is my guess. When you are on a beautiful vacation to places like these, you tend to relax and enjoy in the most unusual ways. Just being with nature is the best thing we can do to ourselves, otherwise, in today’s world, we are trapped inside cages created by ourselves.

  3. Well, well, well!! The makers have made a very confusing Travel topic. I fail to understand whether to look at the beautiful travel destinations or to see the beautiful Travelers. In any case, we as viewers are winners as we Travel to such beautiful places without actually booking tickets for the destination.