15 Best Philippines Dishes that define the true taste of the Country

Philippines Dishes
The food culture of the Philippines is sometimes overshadowed by it’s northwestern neighbors – Thailand and Vietnam. But the Philippines can easily hold its own on the global culinary stage and even came in second in a 2015 CNN poll asking readers what country was their favorite food destination.

1. Adobo

To eat like a Filipino, all you need is rice and a bowl of adobo. Take chicken or pork, simmer in vinegar and soy sauce, and you get adobo – one of the few dishes in the Philippines that must have originated locally, without any foreign influence (the Spanish name is a later addition).
Adobo is as Filipino as you can get; it goes with rice and no other, and every province has its own way of cooking the stuff.
The Bicolanos of southern Luzon prefer adobo sa gata – adding coconut milk to the vinegar, and substituting green chili for peppercorns. In the Visayas islands, they add annatto oil to the braising liquid, to enrich the color and flavor of the sauce.