14 Best Places in Ethiopia‎ you shouldn’t miss

Places to Visit in Ethiopia‎
Ethiopia is massive – so when planning a holiday here, you’ll need to have some idea of which bits interest you the most to ensure you make the most of your time. Our team picked out some of our top Ethiopia highlights – from the Simien and Bale Mountains, to the ancient walled city of Harar, and the tribal kingdoms of the Omo Valley.

1. Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains
Nestled in the highlands of northern Ethiopia you will find the spectacular Simien Mountains. This jewel of an area makes you feel lost in time with its remarkable rock-hewn churches and medieval castles. These majestic mountains seemed to have been hand-shaped by nature and are home to a rich cultural heritage.
They now draw people here to learn about ancient religious sites and to witness the jagged peaks and seemingly endless vistas. The Simien Mountains are also home to a unique but endangered ecosystem, complete with rare and unusual animals like the Gelada baboon, Walia ibex and Ethiopian wolf.