15 Best Restaurants in Dubai you should go to with your Partner

Best Restaurants in Dubai
Treating your eyes with exotic skyline views, and your taste buds with authentic delicacies, the best romantic restaurants in Dubai offer nothing less than perfection. Whether you’re just holidaying or honeymooning in Dubai, don’t come back without experiencing sophisticated dining at one of these romantic restaurants. They are built to amp up your romantic life and make sure that you have a wonderful time with your partner.

1. The Queen’s Grill

The Queen's Grill
The Green’s Grill, located at The floating hotel QE2, is as elegant and royal as the name suggests. The decor, name, and menus at this restaurant are reminiscent of a time when the restaurant was frequently visited by members of the British Royal Family, including Queen Elizabeth II. The restaurant has two menus, a six-course menu with the best of British cuisine and a six-course vegetarian tasting menu. The Queen’s Grill is the type of restaurant you save for a special occasion and the great service, top quality dishes and rich history makes it worth saving for something special.