Top 12 Best Shopping Destinations In The World

Shopping Destinations
Some people may travel for the food, other for the views or museums. And then there are the ones who get out of town on a quest to find the best shopping. When one thinks of shopping destinations around the world, fleeting images of London, Paris, New York and Singapore come to mind. We begin to visualize fancy, high-end boutiques with the most poetic of names. Their displays have impossibly skinny mannequins donned in elegant attires, most of which we absolutely cannot afford, unless of course we are swimming in money.
To help you do this, We have shortlisted 12 shopping destinations that are world-renowned for their shopping districts.

1. Bangkok

Bangkok is the other top shopping city in Asia. Over the years, Bangkok has become home to innumerable shopping complexes and rambling markets, and the vibrant south-east Asian city has everything you might want. The largest and most well-known department store, MBK, boasts more than 2,000 stores with a huge variety of products and price points. Chinatown is also a must, with super cheap goods and a much more traditional feel. The sixth-largest mall in the world, aptly named Central World, is a must for international-branded clothes and sportswear and Chatuchuck Market is one of the biggest markets in the world, with more than 15,000 booths divided into 27 sections. And, like Hong Kong, there are many quality tailors available for the savvy shopper who knows what they want.