Top 27 Swimming Pools Around The World

It’s the mid of summer in the Northern Hemisphere, and it simply means is that we wish it was cool again. (Being Humans, we always want what we can’t have?!). We know that the powerful UV rays are already getting to you, and we’d love to help. These images of cool swimming pools around the world will hopefully offer some sense of relief. Grab a margarita or daiquiri and take a dip in some of these sweet spots…

1. Sun Rocks Hotel, Santorini, Greece

Perched 300m above the shimmering Aegean, Sun Rocks Hotel Santorini is a haven of low-key luxury and is surrounded by mesmerising natural beauty. Providing truly outstanding views of the Caldera basin and the water, this 5 star couples-only hotel is an attractive blend of modern Western comforts, chic minimalism and simple but elegant Cycladic architecture.

Offering stylishly furnished guestrooms and suites, as well as gourmet dining and a cliff-side swimming pool, the hotel will provide you with the ultimate romantic break in a peaceful and idyllic setting and also makes an ideal Greek wedding venue.

Upon arriving at Sun Rocks Boutique Hotel, look behind you from where you have entered, and you will realize that carved into the sides of volcanic cliff, all around you, is a Santorini romantic hideaway, quite like no other. Undoubtedly, it is the view that holds center stage at this most eclectically elegant of couple’s hotels in Firostefani. Sumptuous aesthetics abound, reflecting its luxurious, low-key, in-house lifestyle where complete peace and tranquility in a magical setting artfully combine with abodes flourishing in comfort, convenience and seduction.

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  1. Øystein Jakobsen on

    How can they make a list like this and not include Marina Bay Sands in Singapore? The pool there is like nothing I’ve ever seen..

  2. Small warning. I’ve stayed at San Alfonso Del Mar. And while the vast size of the pool is impressive, it’s also FULL OF PEOPLE!

  3. Janhavi Kashyap on

    What is better? Swimming in one of these really fancy swimming pools or swimming in a really inviting place to swim, for example flooded areas under the right circumstances, really nice inviting natural swimming areas, water filled abandoned rock quarries. To go in one of those pools in the article, unless the water is really warm, it take me forever to go in. They are to me not the kind of places I really feel like going in no matter how fancy. Don’t like all the people around.

  4. I have always dreamt of going to Santorini, Greece. As soon as I have sufficient savings for the trip, me and my friend will Explore the city. It gonna be the best vacation of Ma Life!!

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