10 Best Foods to Try in Bali

Foods to Try in Bali
Most people plan their first trip to Bali for the sun and beaches but I would definitely go back for the amazing food. Known for its surf worthy beaches, spiritual retreats and endless outdoor activities, Bali is also a foodie heaven if you know where to look.

1. Nasi Goreng

Nasi Goreng
This should be classed as the national dish of Indonesia—Nasi Goreng literally means fried rice in both the Indonesian and Malay languages, and is a popular staple here in Bali. You’ll find this dish in every restaurant, there are many varieties that usually include chicken or pork, vegetables, and tofu with a fried egg and shallots placed on top. Often, it’s served with some satay sticks along with a side of pickled vegetables and prawn crackers. It’s salty, sweet, spicy, and always delicious. The noodle version of this dish is known as Mie Goreng, and is just as tasty. Both the mie and nasi are simple and delicious, eat either one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.