10 Most Popular Countries For Solo Travel

Most Popular Countries For Solo Travel
Maybe your friends are all strapped for cash and are unable to join you on vacation; or maybe you’d rather plan a trip without having to accommodate someone else’s interests, style, and pace.
The 2020 Best Countries to Travel Alone ranking draws from a global perceptions-based survey and ranks countries based on scores from a compilation of seven country attributes: culturally accessible, fun, friendly, pleasant climate, safe, scenic and unapproachable.

1. America

The USA is gorgeous, from sea to shining sea. I love being from such a huge and varied country with all kinds of different landscapes, cultures, and things to see. If I spent my lifetime never leaving the States and only exploring my own backyard, I’d have so much variety it would still feel like I’d traveled far and wide.
It’s incredible that in one country you can get some of the highest mountain tops, tropical beaches in Hawaii and glaciers in Alaska, plus rocky and warm deserts with some of the most breathtaking rock formations on planet Earth.