Most Romantic Things to Do in Portugal for Couples‎

Portugal for Couples‎
Whether you’re going on a honeymoon in Portugal or simply looking for a quick couples getaway, these are the most romantic things to do in Lisbon, Portugal.

1. Miradouro de Graça

Miradouro de Graça
The official name of this view is Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen but more often is called Miradouro de Graça. Sophia Andresen was a poet who spent a lot of time near this overlook, which she found inspiring for her work. There is a bronze bust here that was even included in one of her Portuguese poems. The viewpoint is situated on the hill called Santo André. The Miradouro de Graça provides fantastic views over the neighborhoods of Alfama and Mouraria, and you can also see the Tagus River with its famous 25th of April Bridge. There is a small stall where you can buy drinks, so there is everything you need to enjoy this perfect view.

2. Tagus River Cruise

Tagus River Cruise
During the Age of Exploration, the Portuguese led the world in knowledge of seafaring and in brave discovery of new routes to Asia. Tap in to this history with a short cruise on the Tagus. Tour operators have several options going to Belém, or, if you’re short of time, you can also opt for a ferry crossing from Cais do Sodré to Cacilhas.

3. Walk hand-in-hand through Alfama’s cozy streets

Walk hand-in-hand through Alfama's cozy streets
Alfama’s streets are so narrow that brushing up against a partner while walking together can’t be helped at times. Duck into one of the tiny bars for a glass of wine, port or Ginja liqueur. Eat dinner accompanied with the melodic and melancholic sounds of fado, which has a sound so haunting that it can tug at the heartstrings of even non-Portuguese speakers. Alfama also has many tiny shops where lovers can buy each other trinkets and keepsakes of their time in Lisbon. Although much of Alfama is level to the river, there are plenty of stone staircases that lead to tucked away spots where kisses can be stolen against breathtaking backdrops.

4. Sunbathe (Even In The Winter!)

Sunbathe (Even In The Winter!)
Did you know that there is never cold in Lisbon? The city is located on the coast, so the negative temperatures are very unlikely to occur there.
Even in the coldest months like December or January, it’s sunny in the capital of Portugal. All of the photos that you can see in this post are taken in the winter. Some days were warm enough to wear only t-shirts and shorts!
What can be more romantic than spending time with someone you love in a place like this? Lisbon is the city of never-ending summer that’s what makes it beautiful.

5. Take the rowing boat at Campo Grande

Take the rowing boat at Campo Grande
The Campo Grande, which was formerly known as Campo de Alvalade in the nineteenth century, was precisely built for romantic walks. Today you will find there plenty of different activities, such as areas dedicated to dogs, but also children’s playground for your children to exhaust their energy.
But, if you want to have a romantic moment with your lover, head for the Campo Grande main lake. Each rowing boat has a capacity up to six people. But you will be able to rent one just for the two of you. In comparison with the Tejo boat rides, the boat rides at Campo Grande are more intimate, since you’re the only ones on the boat.

6. São Miguel Island

São Miguel Island
This gem of an island is no doubt one of the loveliest places to have your Portugal honeymoon. You won’t run out of fun, romantic things to do here. Take a dolphin- and whale-watching tour off the coast for an up-close view of the adorable sea mammals. For a natural spa experience that’s sure to heat the blood, visit the geothermal pools of Terra Nostra Botanical Park. In fact, São Miguel is full of similar thermal pools and is just dripping with lush green hills and crystalline lakes to explore, creating a romantic backdrop for your holiday.

7. Have a romantic dinner

Have a romantic dinner
If you’re in the city of Lisbon for the first time, you will probably spend the whole day walking to make sure you visit all the greatest landmarks of the city. It is likely that you will feel a bit tired at the end of the day. There’s no better way for you to relax than to go on an evening date with your lover.
Go to a nice traditional Portuguese restaurant, enjoy your delicious meal while talking to your partner and sharing your thoughts on all the amazing things you’ve seen during the day.

8. Discover the Delightful Sintra

Discover the Delightful Sintra
Enter Sintra through the forests of the Serra de Sintra mountain range and get mesmerized with its narrow streets, architecture, and beautifully built houses. Experience blankets of mist and soft rain as you walk through the path leading to Moors Castle. At the end of the trail, you will come across the Castle of the Moors, built in the 8th century by Arabs to surveil the roads and waters of Atlantic Ocean. The ruins covered by dense ferns and moss will capture your heart and envelope you with a feeling of togetherness. A day in Sintra is not enough, so keep 2-3 days in hand to spend enough time at this awe-inspiring place.

9. Take a Wine Tour

Take a Wine Tour
Wine and love often go hand in hand and for many couples wine tours and wine tastings are great activities for two. Portugal’s wine traditions date back to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and other ancient seafaring civilizations that made commerce with the Portuguese. Ask at your hotel about a day trip touring some of the wineries closest to Lisbon. Can’t fit it into your schedule? Make sure you at least try a vinho verde (green wine) with fish for dinner one of the nights you’re in town.