Top Ten Motor Biking Routes In India

Does the unboundedness of the roads entice you to explore its vividness? Do you have courage to lose yourself on uncharted paths and experience the thrill of the finding the way back home. Are you a motorbike aficionado who wants to conquer the world on the motorbike or just want a weekend escape, then India is definitely a place worth exploring? The recent travel boom in India has opened the new doors to motorbike travelling. The vivid rough terrains, landscapes and valleys present a perfect trail/roadmap for the motorbike enthusiasts in India where you can dwell deep into the woods, feel the liveliness in the stillness of the sand dunes, experience the heat in the bone chilling cold of snow wrapped passageway, see your hair raises by riding bike on the edge of the steep valleys and soaked up into the vastness of the sea and much more. Here we bring the best Motor Biking routes in India for bike lovers.

Manali- Leh

No doubt route from Manali to Leh is among the one of the best Motor Bike Tracks. Considered among the most difficult motorbike routes, the whole terrain from Manali to Leh is highly unpredictable and needs lots of physical stamina and preparation in advance. Despite the harsh weather conditions, thin air, tough climbs; it is still successful in notching the top position as the favourite route among the motor bike Expeditors.

Ride along the Alpine forests and meadows in Manali through steep valleys in Lahul, sprawling plains at Sarchcu and Ladakh, a land with a hue of orange, red and brown. Embedded with turquoise lakes, ascending barren but picturesque landscapes with blue clear sky above head and spiritual ambience echoed with the chanting of Buddhist mantra, this route is once in life time exploring opportunity.

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