20 Places To Visit in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

15. North Bay Island

North Bay Island
The North Bay Island gives an intensive feel of summer and sand. The corals at North Bay are exquisite and are spread through a long coast line in an extensive stretch. Dive a bit to catch some glimpses of lobsters, clown fish families, stone fish staring at you from behind the corals. The experience is a rightful mix of thrill and fun for all divers, especially the first timers.
Bask in the sun or explore the island both are equally captivating options. Apart from snorkelling, scuba diving, sea walking, glass boat ride and various water sports that are offered in most other tourists friendly islands too, here in North Bay Island you find the option of being in a semi submarine that takes you down to the ocean bed even without touching water and gives you the virtual feel of being under the water while you get amazed by the variety of marine creatures that this part of Bay of Bengal harbours. The variety is endless and enough to make you stare open eyed, not willing to miss a single chance of seeing something pretty and wild and inside the ocean belly.