20 Places In India for Getting Drenched In The Rain

Don’t keep your travel plans on hold because the monsoons are here. Here are 20 places that wants you to be there specially during rain.

1. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

The ‘queen of hill stations’ will charm you with her stunning scenery during the monsoons. June, being the very busy season here, you’ll have to plan quite well in advance.


2. Leh-Ladakh

The best time to travel to Leh-Ladakh is between June and September. Expect moderate to heavy rainfall, and do carry your windproof jackets and raincoats.

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  1. Amused by reading “You can also head to Udaipur after experiencing…at Sajjangarh” -it is indeed in Udaipur and nothing much nature’s play there only.. entire regions is picturesque if rains are normal…. Udaipur has long been known as Venice of the East

  2. Munuseamy Sekar on

    Please come to courtallam(kutraallam) in TamilNadu to drench in the Saaral (drizzle) rain. Quite an experience.

  3. Another spectacular, “couldnt think of any ACTUAL reporting to do so we came up with this” piece of crap ! REALLY ?? 20 places to go when it rains ?

      • Looks like the author has forgotten the 2nd wettest place in India i.e. Agumbe and also places like Chickmaglur!!! … and not sure why Hampi is figuring in this list??!!!… a lot more better pic of Coorg could have been posted…

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