Road Trips in Australia that can make your Travel Epic

Road trips can be associated with freedom and fun. One of the most engrossing ways to travel in Australia is to explore the country driving on your own. The fact that Australia is a huge continent with diverse landscapes and easy highways simply enhances the whole exploration-by-car adventure. Whether you’re gunning for a cruise along the coastlines or hungry for a wilderness pursuit, check out our picks below for your once-in-a-lifetime road-trip experience.

Classic scenic drives of Insta-worthy moments

Little introduction is needed for the renowned Great Ocean Road along the southern coastline of Victoria. A popular route, from Melbourne to Adelaide, takes a good 3-5 days.  While Bells beach and the Twelve Apostles are a major attraction, what makes this route so remarkable is also the stunning views of rainforests, seaside towns and endless Insta-worthy beauty.

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