10 Places to See Snowfall in India

Places to See Snowfall in India
Like all other parts of the world, snowfall in India is synonymous with bewitching sceneries, often seen in wallpapers and calendars. But if you really want to experience the same, the best snow season in India is during the winter months of December to February. If you want to revel in the pristine snowy landscapes and snowfall for real, then pack your bags and plan your trips to these places now.

1. Sonmarg

Sonmarg – Meadow of Gold, a beautiful hill station in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. In its vicinity lies the great Himalayan glaciers of Kashmir Valley namely Kolhoi Glacier and Machoi Glacier and many peaks of above 5000 meters. The best period for playing with snow in Sonmarg is mid dec till mid april. Sonmarg is just 3 hours drive from Srinagar airport.