7 Stunning Volcanoes On Every Traveller’s ‘Dream Destination’ List

They are active, dangerous, sometimes causing devastating results, but also creating a fertile soil around them – the volcanoes have been worshiped and feared for ages. Even today some locals make sacrifices to “calm” the volcano down.If you’re looking for a trip to light up your holiday, these volcanoes all have well-established roads, cable cars and trails up them – and predictable levels of activity.

1. The Maelifell Volcano, Iceland

The last eruption from the Maelifell Volcano was over ten thousand years ago at the end of the 1st Ice Age. It is an extinct stratovolcano. A stratovolcano is a volcano built up of alternate layers of Lava and ash.

This Volcano is a almost perfect cone shape. In the summertime when the snow melts off the volcano , a green moss is revealed. The Volcano is a bright green and is surrounded by back soil. It is a a big tourist attraction.

Skafetell is located on the same glacier as Maelifell Volcano.It was formed over thousands of years by different influences of fire and water.It is known for its different formations of Ice.

Why go there?

The surroundings are truly unique and there is plenty to do in Myrdalsjökull glacier park, full of volcanoes, hot springs to bath in and picturesque sites.

Best time to visit: After late June

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