Tastiest Punjabi Dishes you should Definitely Try Once

Most Popular Punjabi Dishes
Punjabis are known nationwide for being immense food lovers. With open hearts and flamboyant souls, they cherish food with great conviction. If you want to have a meal that satiates your tummy, tickles your taste buds and stays in your memory for a long time, try Punjabi! Punjabi cuisine ranges from semi-spicy to spicy, and is almost always rich, with abundant use of ghee and butter.

1. Langar – The Feast of Piety in Punjab

Langar - The Feast of Piety in Punjab
While not being a dish, the langar is an absolute must-try for everyone at least once in their life. The community kitchen of every gurdwara is open to all for service and serving. Anyone can go there and help to cook for the people, as well as receive a meal. Being just simple food consisting of naan, daal and some Prashad, it is definitely one of the humblest meals you’ll have while sitting with people across castes, creeds, genders and everyone is treated equally here.