40 Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them

Travel scams have been well spoken about and everyone who is traveling is at risk of being scammed. But, now we have internet to spread the word of danger luring in the corners of the alleys in any part of the world.

While the scammers are innovative and keep moulding their ways to find new prey, knowledge is your only insurance to counter their attack on you while you venture out to see the world. It’s a wide world out there and we want you to be safe wherever you go. Travel safety knowledge is the biggest tool to save you while you go see the world either on your own or with your loved ones.

Read on and be safe while you travel.


Travel Scams
While you travel, make sure nobody forces you to wear anything or distracts your attention for a while. Be aware of your belongings and make sure you travel lightly loaded with liquid cash to places with a big crowd.
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  2. Janhavi Kashyap on

    The taxi scam is ridiculous, happened to me too many times before I found out I was being fooled! Thank you for all the other tips, very important for every traveler!

  3. Thankfully escaped all of these till now Only time I scammed myself was in UAE when I had to give the taxi driver dirhams but in a hurry ended up giving Dinars (Kuwaiti). I checked my wallet when the taxi zoomed off at double the normal speed. To my horror found the dirhams still dancing in my wallet and the dinars gone Have said that I lost my wallet 3 times in Vegas, South Africa and Mumbai but every time a stranger returned it.

  4. Tapas Mukherjee on

    In Prague once a stranger approached me at 2:30 in the morning asking if he could use my phone to make a call. He even offered to put his own SIM card in so I won’t be charged. Drunken me on my first day in Prague, I agreed. He said he would go into a nearby restaurant to make the call. Like an idiot, I let him, only to wait and wait and wait. Upon questioning the restaurant staff 10 min later, no one had seen him. He ran away with my phone through the back entry of the restaurant.

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