Women Only Travel Clubs In India: Go Girl Go

Solo travel is not everyone’s cup of tea – which is where women-only travel clubs come in. They allow you to go places – either alone or with your girlfriends – experience new things, make new friends and it’s exhilarating to just be able to travel with a confident group of women. Problem solved!

1. The WOW Club

The WOW Club
WOW is one of the famous women travel clubs run by Sumitra. It is a club that organizes trips to all over the world only for women. They bring like-minded women together and help them in providing itineraries and make all the travel arrangements. If trouble free holiday with fellow women is on your mind then WOW is the place. The tours are accompanied by a knowledgeable WOW buddy and do around 75 trips a year. They also organize DIY holidays called Zing holidays for those interested in self-guided tours.